Do You Want to be a VIP?

(Very Invested Partner)

Thank you for interest in becoming a James Henry Thomas Scholarship VIP! The JHTS committee members are looking forward to working with you in an effort to provide more scholarships to deserving scholars throughout North Carolina. A few things you need to know about being a VIP are as follows:


  1. A VIP can be an individual and/or business.

  2. As a VIP you agree to award a minimum of $1,000 per academic year to a scholar of your choice, from a qualifying pool that has been selected by the JHT scholarship committee. Please note you are more than welcome to award more than $1,000 if you so choose.

  3. You may have as much contact as you would like with your scholar. The JHTS committee would be more than happy to assist in facilitating any communication as needed.

  4. You, or a representative, will be invited to attend the annual scholarship dinner to meet your scholar. Scholarship dinners will always be held on the last Saturday in June.

  5. As a sponsor, you will receive the following:

    1. Your name or business name listed on the JHT website with a photo and biography included.

    2. Meet and greet with your scholar.

    3. JHT personalized gift.

    4. Itemized tax deduction receipt at the end of each year.

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